Reporting a missing person


  • NO MISSING PERSON CASE will be investigated by PSARU without a valid SAPS (South African Police Service) case number and also unless written and signed consent is given to PSARU by the authorized parent/partner.
  • Be sure to have completed a SAP 55(A) form at the nearest SAPS station from where the missing person was last seen.
  • In the event for whatever reason that the caller did not report the missing person to SAPS prior to contacting PSARU; we will kindly advise and assist in doing so.
What to do:
  • Contact the PSARU helpline on 0860 287 223
  • Registered members will be required to answer a few security questions to confirm membership.a Missing persons consent form will be send to the member to complete. No investigation fee required.
  • Non-members will be required to answer a few security questions to confirm that he/she is the legal guardian, spouse/partner and/or the person who reported the case to the SAPS. Non-members will benefit from only having a flyer made at no cost. Our professional fee to launch a full investigation will be discussed.a Missing persons consent form will be send to the complainant to complete.
  • IMMEDIATE THREATS (eg caller witnessed a kidnapping) will require the caller to provide as much information possible for PSARU to notify SAPS and other parties to act immediately.
A brief summary of procedures that will follow:
  • Our team of qualified investigators are notified and dispatched immediately.
  • a Full profile of the missing person is given to the investigation team.
  • a Missing persons flyer will be circulated.
  • a Preliminary investigation will be conducted
  • a Full investigation will be launched and the family will be updated of new developments.
  • Medical and trauma support available if and when needed.
  • The family will be notified once the missing person is found
  • a SAP 92 form to be completed once the missing person is found

Reasons why people goes missing

  • Human trafficking for sexual exploitation and cheap labour
  • Kidnapping for ransom
  • Harmful traditional practices “Muti” (Body parts)
  • Occult related crimes (sacrifices)
  • Murder
  • The selling of organs on the black market
  • Suicide
  • MVA’s (Motor Vehicle Accidents)
  • Run away from home
  • Hijackings
  • Suffers from Alzheimer’s and gets lost
  • Drug abuse